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Fundraising tips

  • Create your own fundraising page and personalize it with a photo and your story telling supporters why you have accepted the challenge to participate to Splash&Dash.
  • Once your page is active, share it with your personal and professional contacts on social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Email the link to your page to your family and friends and encourage them to support your challenge.
  • You can also organize a mini-fundraiser (see suggestions below).
  • Don’t forget to follow up on your requests for support by phone, email or best of all, in person! Don’t be afraid to ask people to donate. If you don’t ask, people won’t have the opportunity to say YES.
  • You will be notified by email every time someone donates to your fundraising page. Make sure to thank them for supporting your Splash&Dash challenge and for making a difference in the lives of the patients of the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

Here are some fun and easy ideas to help you reach your fundraising goal:

  • Organize a bake sale or pizza day. Ask a local bakery or restaurant to donate their products.
  • Organize a free dress day or jeans day at school or work.
  • Donate a part of your allowance or salary.
  • Auction off your services: dog-walking, babysitting, etc.
  • Ask local merchants to donate a prize to offer in a raffle.
  • Sacrifice your lunch money for a week and pack your own lunch.
  • Ask your friends and coworkers to give up their specialty coffees for a week and donate the money they save instead.
  • Ask family and friends to save bottles and cans and turn them in for cash.
  • Raffle tickets to a hockey game or show or gift certificates to a restaurant, etc.
  • Organize a garage sale.
  • Collect loose change in a jar. You will be amazed how quickly it grows!
  • Ask your employer to match your donations and promote their generosity amongst your supporters (many businesses appreciate the goodwill publicity).

All donations of $15 or more are eligible for an official tax receipt. (Note: Funds raised through a raffle to win a prize are not eligible for tax receipts.)

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