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  • Tristan Ponce-Wahba

I beat Leukemia thanks to the care I received at the Montreal Children's Hospital, the support of my family and generous help from organisations such as Sarah's Fund. Now that I am better, I want to help other young cancer patients and their families. That’s why I’ve decided to participate in Splash & Dash, a major fundraiser benefiting Sarah's Floor, the hematology/oncology division at the Montreal Children's Hospital, as well as vital programs and services to improve the lives of all hospital patients and their families. Please help me reach my goal by making a donation. The children are counting on all of us.

  • Anthony Dr. Anthony Seminara , $30.00October 3, 2016
  • Shelley Cogland, $50.00October 4, 2016
  • Cynthia Cote, $30.00October 21, 2016

    “ Hi Tristan,
    I'm a friend of your uncle Alex which is very proud of you. I’m happy to hear that you beat Leukemia. You're an inspiring boy. Take care.

  • Lance Wahba, $50.00October 22, 2016

    “ Go Tristan!!! May the force be with you!

    Love Gabby,Adriano,Vanessa & Lance. ”

  • Lindsay Heckersbruch, $100.00October 24, 2016

    “ So glad you are happy and healthy Tristan. You should be very proud of yourself for now trying to help others.  ”

  • Anonymous, $40.00October 24, 2016

    “ Way to go, Tristan! ”

  • Telly Botzas, $40.00October 26, 2016

    “ Tristan you are a true warrior!!!!

    Your friends, Noah, Zoe & Scarlett ”

  • Jason Wahba, $100.00November 2, 2016

    “  My little man we are so proud that you have the strength and courage to help those still fighting the battle you fought!!! We are so blessed that all that you went through is in the past. X0X

  • Daphne Weatherby , November 2, 2016

    “ You are a true warrior Tristan!! Best of luck at Splash and Dash!  ”

  • Alexander Wahba, $110.00November 3, 2016

    “ Congratulations Tristan,
    I am so proud of you for helping other sick little boys and girls. You really are our hero!!!!
    Uncle Alex ”

  • Melanie Drechou, $25.00November 4, 2016
  • Nathalie Ponce Fernandez, $50.00November 4, 2016

    “ Mon beau Tristan, Titi est fière de toi.  ”

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