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Team Cory and Super Hero Buddy

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  • Cory Palfalvi

This year I had more than one health issue that scared my family and I. I was treated at the wonderful Montreal Children’s Hospital. It made me realize how important it is to get help especially for children. No child should ever have to suffer from diseases and with your help we can find a cure. Therefore, I am honored to be invited to run at the Splash and Dash Hero’s and Celebrities’, a major fundraiser benefiting Sarah's Floor, the hematology/oncology division at the Montreal Children's Hospital. I will be running with a Hero, a special little buddy from the hospital whom I have yet to meet. Please help me reach my goal by making a donation. The children are counting on all of us! Let’s help make a difference together! Thank you! And Don’t EVER Stop Believin!!!

  • Empire Health / Cory Palfalvi & Family, $5000.00October 25, 2016

    “ Cory we are so proud of you for wanting to help this important event! It's only the beginning!  ”

  • enzi donato, $100.00October 25, 2016

    “ Hey Cory,
    it is so nice that you can share your talent with those that need some sunshine in their delicate lives.

    Your big fan...Enzi
    Enzi... ”

  • Cory Palfalvi, $300.00October 25, 2016

    “ I am making a donation from money I earned this summer performing my music.

    This is something that touches the bottom of my heart and I thank everyone sincerely who have supported these beautiful children. Whenever you think your life is tough think of these children and you will realize how fortunate and blessed you really are.

    Thank you Montreal Children's Hospital for inviting me.  ”

  • Erika Schaden, $250.00October 25, 2016

    “ Cory this is great. I wish you luck in raising your funds  ”

  • james mcgregor, $100.00October 25, 2016

    “ Good Job Cory! ! always thinking of others and using your talent for all right reasons. ”

  •, $200.00October 25, 2016

    “ Good Luck Cory... Don’t Stop Believin ;-) ”

  • Anonymous, October 25, 2016

    “ This is wonderful! Congratulations and good luck!
    Ms. Agostino ”

  • Patrick Bergeron, $100.00October 25, 2016

    “ Amazing and inspiring. Making a difference is the way to go. Thanks for setting the example Cory ”

  • Riki Ascherman , October 25, 2016
  • Supplement King Inc., $300.00October 26, 2016

    “ Cory, you are an inspirational young man. Keep up the good work! ”

  • Adriana Sanchez, $40.00October 26, 2016

    “ You have a big heart!

    From: Milan, Vienna, and Adriana and Dave  ”

  • Jeffery LaBombard, $100.00October 26, 2016

    “ Hi Cory,

    This is a very admirable thing you're doing and it is these types of things that bring the most joy to a persons life! It also helps to keep our own life in perspective.

    We'll all continue to work toward the goal of kicking cancer in the butt! Go strong! Bravo!

    Your friend,

    Jeff ”

  • Rodney Dupont, $500.00October 26, 2016

    “ You are an inspiration to us all, Cory!


  • RBC, $50.00October 26, 2016
  • Nicolas Palfalvi, $500.00October 26, 2016

    “ Hi Cory this is from Papa and Grandma
    We are so proud that you are so willing to help children fighting cancer
    Keep on sharing your beautiful voice to help more children live better lives
    We love you so much Cory XXXX

  • Gra Johnson, $150.00October 26, 2016

    “ Congratulations Cory what a great cause. Remember I'm counting on you to bring Rock & Roll back.  ”

  • David Guerrera, $60.00October 26, 2016

    “ Hey Cory,
    Good job bud, proud of you.....keep rocking it for a good cause. ”

  • Jack Fife, $100.00October 26, 2016

    “ Hey Cory! Lydia and I are so happy to see you doing something so fantastic. Keep up the good work. And keep on singing! So proud of you. Irena is looking down on you and must be so happy to see you doing good works for others. Love you! Lydia and Jack ”

  • Popeye's Quebec & Maritimes, $1000.00October 26, 2016

    “ Cory, this shows how amazing you are!!! Not a lot of kids your age would do something like that.


  • Matthew Altman, $50.00October 26, 2016

    “ Awesome job Cory! Steve Perry would be proud! ”

  • Yvon Albert, $200.00October 27, 2016

    “ Way to go Cory, what a wonderful and thoughtful thing you're taking part in. We're really proud of you!!!
    Uncle Yvon and Aunty Tracy

  • Steve Gibb, $200.00October 27, 2016

    “ We are very proud of you Cory!!! ”

  • 0773090 BC Ltd, $100.00October 27, 2016
  • Bob Cousineau, $100.00October 27, 2016

    “ Bravo
    Proude of you
    You are a giving and generous person
    Bob & Sue  ”

  • Leonard Petze, $100.00October 27, 2016

    “ Cory,
    Cecile and I are so proud of you.
    Keep pushing in everything you do and never stop
    believing that eventually great things are going to happen.
    Lennie & Cecile Petze ”

  • RBC Royal Bank (Louise Rousseau and Carmine Pagnotta), $500.00October 28, 2016

    “ Great gesture Cory ! Keep up the good work ! ”

  • Andrew Traicheff, $50.00October 28, 2016
  • Anonymous, $250.00October 28, 2016

    “ What a great charity to support
    All the Best ”

  • Alessandro Petrucco, $20.00October 28, 2016

    “ Good job Cory! Great initiative!

  • Piotr B, $30.00October 28, 2016

    “ Great idea! All the best!  ”

  • Ron Mitchell, $100.00October 28, 2016

    “ Such a great cause to be sharing your gift Corey!  ”

  • Guido Diodati, $100.00October 28, 2016

    “ All the best Cory. ”

  • Popeye's Supplements Calgary, $100.00October 28, 2016

    “ Great work for a great cause! You look and sound amazing! Keep that voice pure, you have a great mentor :) ”

  • Nicholas and Lucia Palfalvi, $300.00October 29, 2016

    “ Cory way to go we are very proud of you for doing this for kids that need our help and blessing
    You have a heart of gold!

    Love you ”

  • Brandon Palfalvi, $100.00October 29, 2016

    “ Hey cousin! It's great what you're doing!
    Proud of you! ”

  • Rick Pare , $200.00October 30, 2016

    “ Such a incredible young man , not only unbelievably talented but inspirational and such a big heart as well you rock Cory  ”

  • Richard Lasnier, $100.00October 31, 2016
  • Popeye's Supplements Ottawa, $1000.00October 31, 2016

    “ Congratulations Cory! What a great cause and song choice...  ”

  • Marc Robillard, $100.00October 31, 2016

    “ Thanks for your commitment in helping the kids. Proud of your achievements. Matt, Mitch,Vicki & Marc ”

  • Popeye's Supplements Winnipeg, $1000.00October 31, 2016

    “ Great job Cory for a great cause!! ”

  • Reflex Supplements, $500.00November 1, 2016

    “ Good work on this worthy project. I hope this helps to reach your goal.  ”

  • Albertine Parent, $200.00November 1, 2016

    “ Hi Cory. From Mimi and peter. We believe you were sent here for a special reason. We know you will do so much in this world. Keep on singing with that beautiful voice love you so much xox  ”

  • Steve Labelle, $20.00November 1, 2016

    “ Ce que tu fais est incroyable pour les enfants malades! Tout à ton honneur , quel homme tu es a en devenir.. Inspirant !! ”

  • Popeye's Newmarket, $200.00November 2, 2016
  • Chantal Vandal, $25.00November 2, 2016

    “ Great for you Cory.

    It is nice to see young children take time to do charitable things.

    Have a good time ”

  • Maxime Germain, $150.00November 3, 2016

    “ Congratulation Cory! You touch people not only with your voice, but extreme generosity, when you speak to your deepest values, you touch other people's heart.

    keep it up!
    Max  ”

  • Eugene Beaudin, $100.00November 3, 2016

    “  You are doing great work Cory!  ”

  •, $300.00November 3, 2016

    “ Good Luck Cory! ”

  • Betty Carrier, $250.00November 3, 2016

    “ Corey, you certainly make a difference in the world and I'm so proud of you and your big heart. God Bless.

    Betty Lou ”

  • Betty Lou's, Inc., $250.00November 3, 2016

    “ Way to go Corey! The Betty Lou's family wishes you the best and thank you for helping other less fortunate. ”

  • Dimitra Palfalvi, $100.00November 3, 2016

    “ To my Cory, you are my little angel. I'm so proud of what you're doing for these children. So I won't stop believing because of you.
    Love You bud

  • Dimitra Palfalvi, $100.00November 3, 2016

    “ To my Cory, you are my little angel. I'm so proud of what you're doing for these children. So I won't stop believing because of you.
    Love You bud

  • Carlo Petrucco, $100.00November 3, 2016

    “ Hey buddy, I have great respect for what your doing.
    Love Uncle Carlo ”

  • Donna Coleman, $100.00November 3, 2016


  • Carole Maylender-Kirsner, $100.00November 3, 2016

    “ This is such a great thing you are doing! Happy and proud to be a part of it....Carole ”

  • Herc's Nutrition Saskatoon, $100.00November 4, 2016

    “ Good work Cory, supporting a great cause! Saw your recording of this last year and was very impressed!  ”

  • Derek Sheane, $200.00November 4, 2016

    “ This is an amazing cause to be fighting for Cory and a great thing you are doing! ”

  • eric claes, $75.00November 4, 2016

    “ Très belle cause ”

  • Joseph D'Agostino, $400.00November 4, 2016

    “ Hey Cory, we are so proud of you for taking this initiative to helping out the children, we are sure the impact you will have this weekend in their lives will forever remain in their hearts
    Lots of Love from the D'Agostino Family
    Sal, Maria, Farhat, Joseph
    And from your Newest Biggest fan ... Naila  ”

  • Labrada Nutrition, November 4, 2016
  • P28 Foods, $300.00November 4, 2016

    “ Great job Cory ! ”

  • Hercs Nutrition St. Catharines, $200.00November 4, 2016

    “ All the best! ”

  • Joseph D'Agostino, $600.00November 4, 2016

    “ Hi Cory

    Here is a separate donation from me personally. I have been working with your Mom & Dad, since you were 1 years old, and my favorite memory of you was having conference meetings with your dad, while you were in the office with head set on watching a journey concert

    And I remember chuckling every time, cause you were so cute and I loved the fact you were into rock n’ roll. Little did we know you were actually studying voice that whole time!!!!

    I’ve watched you grow up from a boy to today as a teenager and can’t say enough how proud I am of you for who you are today and the man I know you will be become

    You’re Friend, Joseph

  • Scivation, Inc., November 4, 2016
  • Empire Warehouse, $100.00November 4, 2016

    “ We are all very proud of you Cory!  ”

  • Rachael Wang, $20.00November 4, 2016

    “ Bravo! Cory ”

  • francois chevalier, $100.00November 4, 2016

    “ Cory this is Great and Dont Stop....Good Luck

  • Denis Bellemare, $100.00November 4, 2016

    “ Way to go almost there !!  ”

  • EFX Sports, November 4, 2016

    “ Fantastic of you Corey. I think all of us personally know someone that has or has had cancer. Glad we could help support such a great cause.

    EFX Sports ”

  • Gaspari Nutrition , $200.00November 4, 2016

    “ You are wonderful Cory !!  ”

  • Dimi and George Alexopoulos, $500.00November 4, 2016
  • Stephen Robinson, $150.00November 4, 2016

    “ I thank you for what you are doing with the Heroes and Celebrities fundraiser

    As I have seen personally how awful that disease is it makes my heart feel warm for you to sing such a great song with such a great voice

    You will be amazing and those kids will forget all the hell they go through for few moments in time...

    Good luck
    Thinking of you and event

    Again thank you for what you are doing

    Stephen Robinson

  • Anonymous, $1000.00November 4, 2016

    “ Cory,“Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do.” keep up the great work!!! ”

  • Klaus Berne, $300.00November 4, 2016

    “ Hi Cory,

    You are a very inspiring young man. Your devotion to good causes and fundraising for such is exceptional. We hope and would like our little daughter to meet you some day. You are that type of person we want her to be surrounded by and to look up to while growing up.

    Good luck with reaching your goal.

    Klaus and Paola

  • E.D.L.P Transport, Inc, $50.00November 4, 2016

    “ Hi Cory. Love what you are doing for those kids. Noble cause from a lovely & sweet child.
    Don't stop believing!!!
    Yanelys and family ”

  • Derek Crossman, $100.00November 4, 2016

    “ Great cause Corey! All the best with your performance!  ”

  • Anonymous, $500.00November 4, 2016

    “ A great charity to support. Thank you for helping this cause. Great work!! ”

  • Popeyes Supplements Canada Corporate, $5000.00November 5, 2016

    “ To our special little buddy, this doesn't surprise me per the person we know you are, always remember you get what you give, someone taught you well:)

    We love you XO
    Ferbey Family
    Popeyes Supplements Canada ”

  • Rick Adshead, $500.00November 5, 2016

    “ Hi Cory
    We are ALL very proud of you.
    We wish you all the best.
    Don't ever STOP believing .
    xo xo xo xo Rick,Carmela,Mercedes,Josh ”

  • vincent pietracoup, $100.00November 5, 2016
  • Popeye's Supplements London, $100.00November 5, 2016

    “ Rock n Roll the cause!! Good luck Cory! ”

  • Empire Health/Cory Palfalvi and Family, $3000.00November 5, 2016

    “ When I woke up this morning I was so excited and blown away by all the amazing donations from all the generous people. I was so happy that I surpassed my goal and I asked my parents if we could give some more money to reach 30,000 and I will pay them back with my music. Their eyes lit up and they said 100% buddy. I love you mom and dad God bless the children ”

  • Mark Brosseau, $100.00November 5, 2016
  • FlavorGod, $1000.00November 5, 2016
  • Anthony Napolitano, $100.00November 8, 2016

    “ Congratulations Cory!!!
    So proud of you Buddy
    xo Anthony & family ”

  • HARUN SIMBIRDI, $100.00November 9, 2016

    “ Cory, great cause and glad you're supporting! ”

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